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Guidelines for posting topics

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Guidelines for posting topics Empty Guidelines for posting topics

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:13 pm

The forum is a common place where all can share ideas, views, reviews, galleries interesting facts, conduct opinion polls etc. The list is just endless.

Content posted in this forum is viewable by guests and visitors. Not to mention, the searches from google also! Therefore, while creating new topics/threads please adhere to general etiquette and the following guidelines in order to maintian the decorum of the forum.

Please bear in mind that this is our forum and we are responsible for the way it is.
Suggestions are always welcome to make the forum better. You can send a message either to the Admin or the Moderators for any relevant changes or additions you feel, will add to the value of the forum.


1) Avoid SMS & Slang Language

Standard abbreviations and acronyms are acceptable, however SMS and slang is not.
Bad: I just went 4 a drive wid my bro.
Good: I just went for a drive with my brother.

2) Use Proper Punctuation & Capitalization

- You must use a space after a punctuation mark (not before). It is a rule of written English.
- Use "..." only when you wish to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought or a trailing off into silence - it is not a replacement a full-stop/period or comma.
- Avoid too many ...s
- Try to capitalize the first letter when you start a new sentence.
Bad: Hi...how are you guys...I'm new here..
Bad: Hi , how are you guys , I'm new here.
Bad: Hi,how are you guys,I'm new here.
Good: Hi, how are you guys, I'm new here.
- To take the previous point further, do not type in all capital (all-caps) letters. This is considered equivalent to shouting and is generally considered as rude.

3) Avoid Back-to-back posts in the same thread (within 20mins of each other)

- Please use the EDIT button to add content to your earlier post within 20mins of posting it instead of making another consecutive post in that thread.
- For quoting multiple posts please follow these instructions to learn about using the MULTIQUOTE button.

4) Implying abusive language using special characters (@%*$) is against the rules.

- If the forum software automatically **s out the word you typed, thats a good indication that word is not permitted on this forum.
- Using special characters (#%^&) to imply that word is AGAINST THE RULES. Please find a less colorful word or a more eloquent way to get your point across.
Bad: And then the #$%^@ got out of his car and started calling me a #$&@#$%#^&##$ for an accident that was clearly his fault!
Good: And then the uncouth driver got out of his car and decided to direct profanity at me for an accident that was clearly his fault!

5) Don't make your quotes too big

- Quote a post when you are replying to someone in particular out of the usual flow of discussion.
- Try to edit the text within the quote to display only the specific part you are replying to - not the entire huge post.
- Type your reply below the quoted text.
Bad: Quoting an entire large post.
Bad: Quoting many images.
Bad: Typing your replies inline in capitals/bold text instead of using the quote feature.
Good: Quoting only a select part of the post preceded and followed by a "..." to signify an intentional omission of content.

6) What you type remains visible forever

- Think of posting on the forum as publishing an article in a newspaper. It will be fixed in time for years to come and for absolutely everyone to see.
- Make sure your post is of substantial value and that the contents are not something you will regret or wish to change weeks or years down the line.
- Posts & threads on the forums will not be removed on request unless they are in violation of the rules or a special situation arises (eg. where personal safety is compromised).

7) Be polite!

- Please avoid making statements or sweeping generalizations that could offend other readers. There is always a polite way to get your point across.
Bad: Enzo owners are ignorant fools if they think they own the world's fastest car.
Good: Enzo owners are clearly misinformed if they think they own the world's fastest car

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