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Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

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Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Empty Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

Post by mk on Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:13 pm

It was on 25th May that I left Bangalore to Vizag from Majestic Bust stand Smile in an APSRTC Garuda Volvo. Bus left at 3:30PM [By 4:30 was near Ulsoor, Evil or Very Mad thanks to the traffic> Reached Vizag at 11:00AM next day.. Only 20 hrs of journey in a bus.. affraid

This was the first time that I went to Vizag and no relatives stay there..

I get down the bus, auto wallas surround me and offer me to take me to a hotel. I told them that I had already blocked a room.. One auto walla takes me to the hotel for 30/-.. At the end of the journey I realized that I had travelled less than 2 kms on a single straight road from Bus stop to hotel.. Sad

Evening went to the Ramakrishna Beach in Vizag.. Very nice place to be.. Full time pass.. Its a great feeling when the waves hit your feet.. Fully refreshing.. flower

The next day took APSRTC conducted tour package to Araku Valley and Borra Caves [Abt 130 kms away from Vizag].. Fare 600/- [Initially felt it was a good price, later felt I could have covered it in 400/- max. ]
Reporting time : 6:00AM at railway station Sad
Breakfast in the Train..
Super journey of 130 kms in the train from almost sea level [Vizag] to 3300ft in a train affraid Journey through 52 tunnels, longest being 1.1 km and the shortes being some .028km.. Amazing journey.. Just stand near the door to enjoy the journey.. Super valley scenes..

Vishakapatnam [Vizag] T111 Vishakapatnam [Vizag] T210 Vishakapatnam [Vizag] T310

And then reached araku valley at 11:00 am.. Went to some stupid tribal mesuem..
And then to some even more boring park which had all sorts of plants.. pineapple, some plants of spices, badam, palms etc etc..
Then had lucnh at Harita hotel Food was average..

Then left to Borra Caves.. through Borra caves.. Bus stops at a point which is the highest.. 3600 ft.. And then on the way there are some coffee plantations.. It started raining very heavily on the way.. drive was a little scary..

Vishakapatnam [Vizag] P110 Vishakapatnam [Vizag] P211

And then went to Borra caves.. Caves formed some million years ago.. Naturally formed cave.. Discovered by a British explorer..
Question Very nice cave.. Go deep inside.. It ll start stinking becase of the bats there..
Cannot post pics as they are bad.. It was dark inside and my phone camera gave up.. No

Reached room and crashed on the bed..

Next day went to Kailasagiri Hills.. Its on the outskirts of Vizag on the way to Rishikonda beach.. There is a big statue of Shiva-Parvati.. Place is a lil boring.. Kids might enjoy.. Vizag city looks very nice form this place..

Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Pa10

Then went to Rishikonda beach.. Very nice beach.. Enjoyed there..

Then went to room..

On 29th left Vizag in the Volvo bus at 2:00PM reached Banagalore on 30th at 11:30PM again 20 hrs.. No Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Dsc00910

Finally Vizag is an amazing place to visit.. Even better if you have a GF and are with her..

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Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Empty Re: Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

Post by vsuprak on Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:29 pm

Really good travelogue. Seems to be a pretty nice place worth a visit.

You could make it more useful for the readers visiting this place by adding information about how to reach there, what to see, what to avoid, weather condition when you visited, recommended modes of travel, approximates prices for travel, accomodation, food etc.

Basically if someone wanted to plan a trip to this place (like you did), maybe he could get an overall idea about the process right here.

I hope I am not too imposing, but then, our idea is to share as much as possible Very Happy

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Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Empty Re: Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

Post by mk on Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:20 pm

Here goes more info..
Weather: Uff.. A 4 day stay would tan you skin for sure.. Embarassed its too too hot and humid.. a walk for 5 min at 10:00 AM in the morning would make you undies wet by sweat Very Happy Mad
Mode of travel: Vizag is well connected by Road, Rail & okay dokey by Air..
From B'lore - Bus - only APSRTC Volvo available - Ticket 1215/- only - 20hr hourney.. Leaves B'lore at 3:30PM every day..
Train: Couple of trains availabe..
Air: Via Hyderabad.. Hopping flights

Places to Visit:
1>Ramakrishna Beach
2>Rishikonda Beach
3>Araku Valley [Journey through train from Vizag to Araku is a must.., if possible stay in a resort in Araku Valley.. u ll enjoy the scenes and the weather.. there are some resorts which give rooms on trees.. scratch ]
4>Borra Caves [Araku to Borra via bus]
5> Kailasagiri Hills [Last priority.. aviod if dont have time..]
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Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Empty Re: Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

Post by mk on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:35 pm

Will be glad to give more info..
Is there anything specific you guys want to know..
But Vizag is a good place to visit..
Beaches are not like to Goa ones.. They are family types.. No Booze and stuff..

PS: I left on 25th at 3:30PM bus.. Booked a hotel room on 25th at 9:30AM [phone call].. then went and booked bus ticket at 11:00AM and packed at 12:30PM.. [Basically to prove to myself that non-T*Y*TA way works.. And its fun.. yeah basic or little amount of planning {research abt the place was done} is good.. but not using kilos of precious paper..]

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Vishakapatnam [Vizag] Empty Re: Vishakapatnam [Vizag]

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